Oberlin's Namesake: John Frederick Oberlin (1740-1826)

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OBERLIN'S NAMESAKE: John Frederick Oberlin (1740-1826)


1. What's in a Name? Why Oberlin? by John W. Kurtz

2. J. F. Oberlin in His Lifetime
     "Representation of the Seven Worlds ..."
     Printing press
     Oberlin's maps and roads
     Student recitation card
     Heisch's autograph album
     Jérémie-Jacques Oberlin (1735-1806)
     French medallion honoring J. F. Oberlin
     Memorial booklet (video)

3. The Ban de la Roche, Alsace, France
     19th century lithographs of the Ban de la Roche
     Photographs and postcards, 1870s to 1926
     Photograph album, late 1930s
     Photographs, 1990s to the 2010s
     Paintings of Oberlin's region in Alsace

4. Early Views of Oberlin, Ohio

5. Designing a Monument to Our Namesake (video interviews)

6. Resources for Further Exploration

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