Oberlin's Namesake: John Frederick Oberlin (1740-1826)

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Museums in France

The  J.-F Oberlin Museum, John Frederick Oberlin's former home in Waldersbach, which holds his archive. 

The Museums of the City of Strasbourg mounted a major exhibition with a catalogue, Jean-Frederic Oberlin, Le Divin Ordre du Monde, in 1990-91, for the 250th anniversary of Oberlin's birth. Featured on the cover are some of Oberlin's natural history collections that he used for teaching. A copy of the catalogue resides in the John Frederick Oberlin Collection at the Oberlin College Archives.

Oberlin College Archives

John Frederick Oberlin Collection
John Frederick Oberlin Digital Collection
John J. Shipherd Papers (co-founder of Oberlin, Ohio)
John W. Kurtz Papers
Oberlin College Campus Views Digital Collection

Oberlin College Library

OBIS, the Oberlin College Library's online catalog. Currently the Library holds 110 works on J. F. Oberlin.

Oberlin Heritage Center - The community historical organization for Oberlin, Ohio. 


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