Popular Protest in Post War Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō


Aioi Bridge相生橋Bridge in Hiroshima & target of atomic Bomb on August 6 1945
Allied Occupation日本占領Allied Powers occupied & reformed Japan after the Japanese Empire’s defeat in World War II. Japan was allied with Nazi Germany & Fascist Italy during World War II
Article 9憲法9条Article 9 of Japan’s postwar constitution renounces offensive war
Atomic Bomb Poetry Collection原爆詩集Book of Tōge Sankichi’s poems, Illustrated by Shikoku Gorō
Asia Pacific Warアジア太平洋戦争Japanese Empire’s wars from 1931 to 1945 in Asian continent & Pacific. Japan entered World War II as an Axis power in Dec, 1941.
cenotaph慰霊塔memorial to the war dead
genbaku原爆atom bomb, nuclear weapon used by US Military in August 1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Genbaku Dome原爆ドームAtom bomb dome in Hiroshima Peace Park Ruins of Industrial Promotion Hall
genbaku slum原爆スラムNeighborhood of wooden huts built by Hiroshima residents along river banks soon after bombing.
hibakusha被爆者atom bomb survivor, hibakusha
Hiroshima広島City in western Honshu, Japan. Other spellings :ひろしま、ヒロシマ
Hiroshima Peace Park平和公園Large park in central Hiroshima with memorials to the dead, museums, cenotaph and survivor trees.
hypocenter爆心地site of the midair detonation of atom bomb
kamishibai紙芝居Storytelling with picture
Jizō地蔵Stone icons, guardians of children
Kiuchi Midori木内みどりActress, peace activist
Maruki Toshi & Iri丸木敏&丸木位里Painters famous for their Atom Bomb Panels (原爆の図)
Nuclear arms race核開発競争Cold War competition between US & USSR to develop & stockpile nuclear weapons 
nuclear weapons核兵器explosive devices using nuclear power to destroy with heat, blast, & toxic levels of radioactivity, threatening human survival & the environment
Numata Yōichi沼田曜一Actor & storyteller who adapted the  Angry Jizo text for the picture book
Peace education平和教育Educational approach widespread In postwar Japan. Refutes war.
Rivers『河』Play about Our Poems circle by Tsuchiya Kiyoshi 土屋清. Revived by Tsuchiya Tokiko & others
Shikoku Gorō四國五郎Artist, activist based in Hiroshima (1924-2014)
Siberian internmentシベリア抑留With Japan’s defeat in WWII, the Soviet Union interned Japanese military personnel in Siberia from late 1945 to about 1949
Tōge Sankichi峠三吉Renowned poet, activist, leader of Our Poems group in Hiroshima
Tōrō nagashi灯籠流しlantern festival
Warera no utaわれらの詩Our Poems journal; name of poetry circle
Yamaguchi Yūko山口勇子Well-known author of children’s & YA books

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