Popular Protest in Post War Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō


This digital exhibition is a collaborative effort by a team of people. A primary inspiration is MIT Visualizing Cultures, with its goal of combining “images and scholarly commentary in innovative ways to illuminate social and cultural history.”

Site Development:  Maxwell Mitchell (’20, Oberlin College), Megan Mitchell, Academic Engagement & Digital Initiatives Coordinator; Cecilia Robinson, Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant, Oberlin College Libraries.

Design: Maxwell Mitchell

Research & Content Development: Ann Sherif

Digital Imaging: Shikoku Hikaru, Ikeda Masahiko, Helen Liggett

Our deep gratitude to many people for their support and collaboration: 

At Oberlin College: Megan Mitchell, Cecilia Robinson, Students in EAST241 Living with the Bomb, Pam Snyder, Runxiao Zhu, Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Oberlin College Libraries. 

At MIT: John Dower, Ellen Sebring, Shigeru Miyagawa.

Our appreciation to Shikoku Hikaru and Family, Kiuchi Midori and Family, The Association for Preservation of Literary Materials of Hiroshima, Kin no Hoshi sha, Hirogaku Tosho, and Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims - for permission to use images/media.

Special thanks to Shikoku Hikaru and family, whose extraordinary generosity made this exhibit possible.

Our sincere gratitude to Matsuura Mie and Shigeru, Ikeda Masahiko, Richard Minear, Tsuchiya Tokiko, the Kiuchi family, Tashiro Akira, Tashiro Kanako, Kawaguchi Takayuki, Hashimoto Isao, Kozawa Setsuko, Okamura Yukinori, Unoda Shōya, Norma Field, Laura Hein, Leonard V. Smith, Yuki Tanaka, Helen Liggett, Fujimura Naoko & Wonder Team; Richard Minear, Kano Masaki, Shogo Ishikawa, Ryo Adachi, Yuki Miyamoto, Rachel DiNitto, Charlotte Eubanks, Justin Jesty, Lindsay Brubaker, Laura Ingraham, Ayami Kan, Nicholas Gallitano, Asami Toyomi, The Association for Preservation of Literary Materials of Hiroshima (広島文学資料保全の会), the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The exhibit was supported by Digital Collections: from Projects to Pedagogy and Scholarship, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant to the Five Colleges of Ohio, Inc.

Dedicated to the memory of Kiuchi Midori.

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