The Oberlin Sanctuary Project


FIRST PHASE (2017-2018)
The Lane Rebels and Early Anti-Slavery at Oberlin; The Underground Railroad and the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue; Nisei at Oberlin in the World War II Years; Carpenters for Christmas: Civil Rights in Mississippi; Anti-War Protest and the Kent State Shootings
Oberlin College contribution to Courage and Compassion: Our Shared Story of the Japanese American World War II Experience, Oberlin, 2018

Partners & Team 
Tim Elgren, former Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Alexia Hudson-Ward, Director of Libraries; Ken Grossi, College Archivist; Anne Salsich, Associate Archivist; Megan Mitchell, Academic Engagement & Digital Initiatives Coordinator/Team Leader, Instruction; Emily Crawford, Office of Communications; Louisa Hoffman, Archival Assistant; Marla Thompson, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Libraries; Kate Diamond '17, Student Assistant; Jacob MacDonnell '19, Student Assistant

South Africa and Oberlin: Protesting Apartheid; The Overground Railroad

Oberlin Sanctuary Project traveling exhibit

Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries; Ken Grossi, College Archivist; Meredith Gadsby, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Comparative American Studies; Gina Perez, Professor of Comparative American Studies; Liz Schultz, Executive Director, The Oberlin Heritage Center; Caitlin Merikallio '20, Student Researcher/Assistant

Public Programming Partners
Darren McDonough, Director, Oberlin Public Library; William Bradford, Manager, Cleveland Public Library-Langston Hughes Branch; Kendal at Oberlin

Council of Independent Colleges, Humanities Research for the Public Good

Research & Content Development
Ken Grossi; Caitlin Merikallio; Anne Salsich, Associate Archivist

Site Development
Anne Salsich; Megan Mitchell, Academic Engagement & Digital Initiatives Coordinator

Ken Grossi; Anne Salsich

Digital Imaging
Anne Salsich; Heath Patten, Curator, Visual Resources Collection

Anne Salsich; Caitlin Merikallio

Logo Design
Lindsey Felice, Discovery & Metadata Services Assistant; Heath Patten

Traveling Exhibit Design
Heath Patten; Lindsey Felice

Virtual Presentation:
Heath Patten; Cailtin Merikallio


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